Running Armband: Run Tie

● Premium stretchable armband fits all arm circumferences
● Silicone phone holder with broad compatibility to fit all smartphones up to 6.5 inches
● Full screen access for finger swipe, faceID or fingerprint lock
● Moisture-wicking and smooth inner embossed material provides maximum comfort
● Soft-touch and eco-friendly silicone straps with strong grip prevents phone-slipping
。Armband size: S: 7.9"-9.8"、L: 9.8"-14"、XL: 13"-21.5"
Running Armband: Run Tie×
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  • Style: Run Tie Running Armband- Black (13"-21.5"), Run Tie Running Armband- Black (9.8"-14"), Run Tie Running Armband- Grey (9.8"-14"), Run Tie Running Armband- Black (7.9"-9.8"), Run Tie Running Armband- Grey (7.9"-9.8")

Product Features

Bone Run Tie Sports Armband

Soft Silicone and Neoprene Material For 4.0"-6.5" Smartphones

Minimalist Design

Face ID, Touch ID Compatible

Adjustable Strap For All Arms

Headphone Cord Holder

Universal Armband

Dirt Resistant and Washable

Sport Series Memorabilia


About Us

Established in 2005, Bone’s vision is to bring everyone a unique and wonderful life experience in the digital world, with our innovative product design and cute original characters. We dedicate in the field of innovative industrial design, inspired from the little things in everyday life, and aim to create unique and functional designs to solve the inconvenience.

Bone 每項產品的矽膠材質均經過 SGS 檢驗

Quality Certified by SGS

All Bone's silicone products are cerified by SGS and comply with European RoHS standard.

Product Specification

  • Basic Information

    • Net WeightS: 35 g / L: 40 g
    • DimensionsS:W160 x H133 x D12mm / L: W255 x H133 x D12mm
    • MaterialMetal, Neoprene Fabric, Silicone
    • Package ContentRun Tie - Running Armband
    • Package SizeW90 x H185 x D30 mm
    • Gross Weight65 g
  • Tech Specs

    • Form FactorsArmband
  • Warranty Service

    • WarrantyNew Product Defect Refund

Customer Reviews

4.7out of 5

401 Review(s)

I really like the minimal design of the arm band, particularly in summer heat

Janice A. Newberry

I have looked for the perfect cell phone carrier for listening to audible books while on walks. Reception was lost when carrying the phone in my pocket which meant I had to carry it in my hands. Now I can stride without thinking about the phone.

Easy to use


Easy to insert phone. Holds phone well and easy to use all phone features.

Arm Band


I wanted to start running so order this product after researching on google. I think I made a very good decision. The product is of high quality and very elastic to accommodate Iphone 11, XR, Even Iphone 8 plus. The band is also of high quality and durable. The phone after attaching to the band is not even moving any direction i.e. the band is holding it very strong. Nice quality rubber....

Very good product for running..!

simple and secure

Stewart McGoo

Phone sits securely against my arm with this band. I prefer running with this armband to the bands with rotatable holders because my phone does not move around near as much. Materials feel like they should hold up well. Only downside is that it is more expensive than many of the other armbands.

Great product!


Great product! Easy to get on and off! Drys quickly after I wash it.

Quality Product

Rebecca R.

I am enjoying using this product. My phone is sturdy and secure in the case and the larger strap is roomy for larger size upper arms. I appreciate the 1 year warranty as well.

Customer Comments