Lanyard PhoneTie - Black

● Versatile phone lanyard fits most smartphones and cases from 4 to 6.7 inches securely
● Open case design provides easy access to all buttons and ports
● Compatible with Face ID, Touch ID and Fingerprint Sensor on the front and back
● Attach or detach the phone holder easily; also works for other portable accessories such as ID card, name badge, keychain, keys, wallet and more
● Soft-touch lightweight silicone cell phone lanyard with exceptional comfort
● Water, dirt, and sweat-resistant features, perfect for sports and outdoor activities
● Elastic lanyard with cord lock up to 20 inches (50cm)
輕鬆走 ‧ 手機掛繩 - 頸掛手機綁 誕生了

Signature Bone Phone Lanyard

The original phone tie provides hand-free and travel ready experience; tightly and safely secures the smartphone around the neck.


Universal Phone Holder

The flexible silicone phone lanyard holder is compatible with almost all smartphones from 4.5" to 6.7" screen size.


Premium Silicone Material

Smooth soft to touch, comfortable to wear with long time without skin irritation.


Easy Access to All Ports and Screen Features

All smartphone features can be effortlessly used while the phone is in the Bone special phone tie.


Adjustable Length Lanyard

The adjustable silicone necklace suits all neck circumference or tightness preference.


Interchangeable Cartoon Badges

Customize your own style with unique Bone characters.

* More badges are available


Product Details

1. Elastic lanyard up to 50cm

2. Adjustable cord lock

3. Quick release buckle

4. Open access phone holder


Quick Release Buckle

Quickly attach or detach the phone holder with ease.


Versatile Lanyard

Creative phone lanyard design with compatibility with other portable items such as ID card holder, keychain, wallets and more.


Protective Phone Case

Effectively protect the smartphone from any direct impact to the ground or outside force.


Practical and Functional

Drop-free, lost-free, misplace-free with Bone phone tie.


Multi-Resistance Feature

Washable silicone phone neck holder and necklace cord with water and dirt resistance.


Colorful Cartoon Characters

Maru Penguin/Patti Duck/Mr. Deer/Miao Cat

Simple Black and White

The most classic colors

Product Specification
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Customer Reviews
4.4out of 5
513 Review(s)
Rubber not strong tear apart

I'm very dissatisfied with this product. Not even a week and it tear from one area. I tried to glue it. No worth the money they charge! I'm,requesting a refund.


I needed this to carry my phone for every day. It worked great for the first few weeks, but now my phone just unexpectedly falls out of it. This has happened multiple times and continues to happen. I am going to have to quit using it which makes me sad, but Inhave an expensive phone and it’s just a matter of time until it gets damaged.

Very handy
Victoria D. Normandin

I like this. Keeps the phone where I can easily see it to read my grocery list or texts,especially when I do not have pockets

Great Lanyard for iPhone SE 2020

Bought this for husband. He loves it. Buddy of his asked me to order another one. Not many choices for lanyatds. I ordered older model since it has been around longer and had great ratings.

Very sturdy

Gift for an elder friend that loses her cell phone in her house several times a day.

Hands-Free Walking!
Claudia Chandler Art

I'm befuddled why I didn't order one of these a long time ago. Having my hands free to hold onto the leash for my 'wild child' Labrador Retriever has brought a whole new pleasure to our early morning 5-mile jaunts. The feature that allows the neck strap length to be adjusted is perfect. (I have a short torso, so the full length would not work at all). The case holds my phone securely, so I do not have to be at all concerned about it falling out. I'm SO glad I ordered this!

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