Lanyard PhoneTie 2 - Black

- Original carrying solution to fit smartphones from 4-6.7 inches
- Neck lanyard hidden buckle design, easy to assemble and disassemble
- Light and minimalistic design enables full-screen access
- Adjustable lanyard with cord lock
- 100% eco-friendly and washable silicone
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Lanyard PhoneTie 2

Fast busy urban life , whether at work or commuting, do you often encounter the dilemma of a mobile phone ringing while looking for your card? At the crucial moment, you can't find what you need... The Lanyard PhoneTie 2 combines the mobile phone with the card holder,easily access your phone/cards, no longer miss any important moments.

 Can’t find it in Crucial moments

Always looking for...

Trouble 1:Can’t find it in Crucial moments

Lost both your phone and cards in your bag

Trouble 2:Attachment Time

Alot of neck lanyards are fixed onto the phone and taking them off is time consuming.

 Always looking for...

Trouble 3:Phone dropped

When using the mobile phone for a long time, it often drops from your hand accidentally

Trouble 4:Afriad of scratching your phone

A lot of Neck Lanyard nowadays use Metal materials leaving your phone all scratched up

Lanyard PhoneTie 2- Easily Accessible

 Elastic Strap fits all 4 -6.5 inch screen
Elastic Strap fits all 4 -6.7 inch screen

Elastic and durable silicone bands stretch and firmly hold a wide range of smartphones from 4 to 6.7 inches with or without the case.

Lightweight Design
Lightweight Design

We implemented Lightweight design that is 25% lighter than the first edition and has less screen coverage suited for iPhone 11

* IF you are looking for a lanyard for phone models with cameras located in the "Rear Center" of the phone, please check our first-gen phone lanyard - "Lanyard PhoneTie" would be an ideal choice for you.

 Super Elastic Lanyard
Super Elastic Lanyard

Super Elastic Lanyard has a length up to 50cm that can be adjusted to suit your need.

| Lanyard PhoneTie 2| Details
| Lanyard PhoneTie 2| Details

1 elastic lanyard soft skin-friendly, adjutsable length
2 Can be detached for independent use
3 does not affect Phone keys
4 hidden buckle design, easy to use

 Replace Easily with our Lanyard Hook design
Replace Easily with our Lanyard Hook design

The neck lanyard is designed for easy disassembly and assembly; the neck lanyard can be used separately, or with other accessories.

| Lanyard PhoneTie 2 |
| Lanyard PhoneTie 2 |

1 Chram Lanyard Hook
2 Phone Tie

 The Most Hands-on Expierance
The Most Hands-on Expierance
Adorable Characters add Personlity
Adorable Characters add Personlity

Display your personal choice of style with our wide range of charms.

* Replace your charms with our cute characters: Bone Charms

 Easily Washable Eco-friendly Material
Easily Washable Eco-friendly Material

All parts is made from eco-friendly material is dirt resistance and can be easily washed.

 Lanyard PhoneTie 2|Simple|
Lanyard PhoneTie 2|Simple|

Black / Red

Product Specification
  • Basic Information
    Net Weight
    55 g
    W62 x H614 x D11 mm
    Package Size
    W115 x H160 x D16 mm
    Gross Weight
    83 g
    Package Content
    Lanyard PhoneTie 2 頸掛手機綁二代
  • Warranty Service
    New Product Defect Refund
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