Lanyard Mask Tie - Face Mask Lanyard

- Pressure Relief: Smooth ear shape to relieve pressure on both ears
- Ear Savers Patented Design: T-shaped one-piece structure of the pressure ring is a multi-purpose function, length adjustable of lanyard and hold the face mask string in place.
- Universal Fit: One size fits all head circumferences and any type of masks with strings attached on. Especially for adults, kids, frontline workers during this special time.
- Neck lanyard design: For you not to touch your face mask too much and let it rest in front of you to avoid loss or stuff in the pocket.
- Washable & Disinfect: Use environmentally friendly silicone material, resistant to stain, can wash with high temperature, alcohol disinfection.
* Bone 《Maskeeper》, For you to storage face mask, lightweight & portable silicone case, avoid cross contamination.
Lanyard Mask Tie - Face Mask Lanyard×
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  • Style: Lanyard Mask Tie -Luminous Set
Lanyard MaskTie
 Breathable Ear Shape

Pressure Relief Design

The smooth ear shape fits perfectly with the ear bone, and the inner side is breathable, providing a more comfortable wearing experience.

Decompression adjustable face mask lanyard

Decompression Adjustment

Patented "T-shaped structure" combines 2 major functions of decompression and adjustment.

Face Mask Lanyard

Anti-Drop Bump

There is a patented "anti-drop bump structure" in the pressure ring, which can firmly grasp the cotton rope without falling off.
(*This product is suitable for cotton string masks)

 Anti-drop bump structure, mask adapter

Super Elastic Neck Lanyard

The neck lanyard is 43 cm in length. It can be worn on the neck when you take off the mask.

Adjustable Lanyard

Adjustable Length

The length of the neck lanyard is adjustable, and it can be easily be adjusted by pressing the cord lock longitudinally.

 mask lanyard for kids, adults

Universal Fit

People with small head circumference who can't cover the mouth and nose tightly when wearing a mask, can use cord lock to adjust it tight to cover it.

Lanyard face mask, ear saver

《Lanyard Mask Tie》
Say goodbye to earache

Lanyard MaskTie- Mask lanyard holder
Lanyard MaskTie, Mask rope
Lanyard MaskTie
Washable/ Disinfect

Washable & Disinfect

The Eco-friendly silicone material is dirt-resistant and can be disinfected with alcohol, washed with soap and water, and sterilized with boiling water.

Lanyard MaskTie
Lanyard MaskTie
Lanyard MaskTie
Multi-color personal identification

Multi-color personal identification

Lanyard Mask Tie (1 Pack 3 Pcs)
Black Set- Black * 3
Luminous Set- Luminous * 3
Light Set - Pink, Blue, Green
Dark Set - Black, Brown, Gray

  Lanyard MaskTie
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Product Specification
  • Basic Information
    Net Weight
    17 g
    Size:W94 x H438 x D10 mm
    Lanyard Leagth:470 mm
    Package Size
    W115 x H185 x D16 mm
    Gross Weight
    95 g
    Package Content
    Lanyard MaskTie (1 Pack 3 Pcs)
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    New Product Defect Refund
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