Bike Tie Pro 3 - Bicycle Phone Holder

- Structural Enhance: The rounded diagonal design protect your phone tightly without scratches.
- Universal Phone Holder: Suitable for 5.8" -7.2" smartphones. iPhone 12 Pro Max, Samsung Galaxy 10, Google Pixel 3 all fits.
- Universal Bike Mount:Compatible with 22-45 mm diameter stem mount.
- Premium Material & Shock Absorption: Soft silicone and heightened based design protects your phone from bumpy road and scratches.
- Face ID & Touch ID supported: Unobstructed front camera allows for face to unlock features of modern smartphones.

* Bone 《Power Strap》, Designed for power banks compatible with all Bone's Bike Tie & Bike Tie Pro Series. Let you charge on the way!
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  • Style: Bike Tie Pro 3 - Black, Bike Tie Pro 3 - Grey, Bike Tie Pro 3 - Red
Bike Tie Pro 3, universal bike phone holder
Bone upgraded phone mount which is more suitable for longer rides and fits different bike stems.

A Better Riding Experience.

《Bike Tie Pro 3》improved its stability and strength. Suitable for long period riding, various diameters and can be installed on bike stem.

Universal phone mount design, compatible with various phone models, Samsung, LG, Google Pixel, iPhone.

Universal Phone Holder

Fit most smartphones with case between 5.8 to 7.2“ securely.
iPhone 12 Pro Max, Samsung Galaxy note 9, Google Pixel 3 all fits.

Easy to install Bike Tie Pro 3 on bike handlebars or stems.


Can be fastened on the bike stem or horizontal on the handlebar, also can be used on strollers, shopping carts, gym..etc.

*If you are looking for phone mount for handlebar please check out our 《Bike Tie 3》

Applicable to different pipe diameters up to 1.7 inches, can be fastened on a bicycle stem, handlebar or other bicycle accessories.

Universal Bike Mount

Bike Tie Pro 3 with adjustable back strap fits bike stem from 22 -45 mm.

Easy access to your phone without removing your phone from the phone mount.

Does Not Affect Functions

Round diagonal rope structure, fully support Touch ID, Face ID and the home button screen.

Adjustable back strap, quick mount/ dismount from the bike in 10 seconds access with ease.

Quick Disassembly

The rear strap is designed for quick disassembly, and can be flexibly adjusted.

Bone bike phone mount with heightened base design can be fastened on different bike stem.” title=

Heightened Base Design

Shock absorbed patent, unique heightened base for phones to absorb the intense bumping.

soft and eco-friendly silicone protect your phone and bike from scratches

Premium Silicone Material

Made of soft and silicone material to protect your phone and bike from scratches.

Setting Steps

Step 1. Fix your phone to the strap.
Step 2. Attach Bike Tie Pro 3 on the stem, adjust and fasten to fix it.

Eco-friendly silicone, stain resistant and washable.

Eco-friendly & Washable

The environmental protection silicone material is dirt-resistant, and can be washed directly.

Universal phone mount design, Bike Tie 3 is for handlebar and Bike Tie Pro 3 is for stem mount. Both fit iPhone 12 Pro Max, Google Pixel, Android Phones.

Bike Tie 3 v.s. Bike Tie Pro 3

Bike Tie Pro 3

Red / Black / Grey

Bike Tie Pro 3 made of elastic silicone, fit with different pipe diameter and various phone types: iPhone 12, Samsung Galaxy 10, Samsung galaxy Note 9

|Bike Tie Pro 3|Details

1. The round diagonal rope phone holder improve stability.
2. Secure grip match various bike stem.
3. Heightened base shock absober.
4. Mesh Structure design to protect your devices from scratches.

|Bike Tie Pro 3|Layout Procedure

《Bike Tie Pro 》 Suitable for 4-6" phones.
《Bike Tie Pro 2 》 Suitable for 4-6" phones and Face/ Touch ID supported.
《Bike Tie Pro 3 》 Upgraded shock absober design, suitable 5.8-7.2" phones and Face/ Touch ID supported.

About Us

Established in 2005, Bone’s vision is to bring everyone a unique and wonderful life experience in the digital world, with our innovative product design and cute original characters. We dedicate in the field of innovative industrial design, inspired from the little things in everyday life, and aim to create unique and functional designs to solve the inconvenience.

Bone 每項產品的矽膠材質均經過 SGS 檢驗
Quality Certified by SGS

All Bone's silicone products are certified by SGS and comply with European RoHS standard.

Bone Bike Phone mount suit for iPhone, Android phones (Samsung Galaxy, Huawei, Google Pixel.)

Riding a bike, facing the wind.

Riding a bike, facing the wind.Enjoy the freedom when you are cycling. We care about your long period bike riding.《Bike Tie Pro 3》designed from a people-orientated standpoint, more closer to human heart, for a better riding experience.

Product Specification
  • Basic Information
    Net Weight
    65 g
    W70 x H140 x D45 mm
    Package Size
    W90 x H185 x D40 mm
    Package Content
    Bike Tie Pro 3 *1
    Gross Weight
    83 g
  • Warranty Service
    New Product Defect Refund
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