Bike Tie 4 - Bike Phone Mount

- Innovative Design: The 4th generation strap structure fits your phone closely with stability enhancement.
- Universal Phone Holder: Suitable for 4.7 to 7.2 inch smartphones. Samsung Galaxy S20 Ultra, Note 10+ or iPhone 12 mini all fit.
- Universal Bike Mount: Compatible with 22-45 mm diameter handlebar.
- Anti-Slip Coating and Shock Damper: Stops your phone rotating on the handlebar and protects phones while riding on the bumpy road.
- Face ID & Touch ID supported: Unobstructed front camera allows for face to unlock features of modern smartphones.

* Bone 《Power Strap》, Designed for power banks compatible with all Bone's Bike Tie & Bike Tie Pro Series. Let you charge on the way!
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  • Style: Bike Tie 4 - Black, Bike Tie 4 - Red, Bike Tie 4 - Luminous Green
 The best bike phone mount for handlebar
Bike Tie 4 An Ultimate Phone Holder
An Ultimate Phone Holder

《 Bike Tie 4》, upgrade strap structure fits your phone snugly and enhances the stability.

Bike handlebar phone mount suitable for 4.7 to 7.2 inch mobile phones.
Universal Phone Holder

The elastic silicone can hold 4.7-7.2" smartphones without removing the case. iPhone 12 mini, Samsung Galaxy S20 Ultra or Note 10+ all fit.

Bone Bike Phone mount for handlebar
Universal Bike Mount

Bike Tie 4 is suitable for 22-45 mm diameter handlebar(perimeter is about 69-141 mm).

best bike phone mount can be use on handlebar, stem mount, stroller, shopping cart, gym...etc.


Can be fastened on the handlebar, also can be used on strollers, shopping carts, gym..etc.

*Looking for a bike phone holder on the stem mount? 《Bike Tie Pro 4》 is your choice, check it out now!

iPhone 11, iPhone 12 mini screen won’t be blocked, easy access to your phone.
Does Not Affect Functions

With oblique tie design, fully support phone’s interface, Touch ID , Face ID and the home button screen.

Rear Strap design, easy to mount and dismount.
Quick Disassembly

The rear strap is designed for quick disassembly, and can be flexibly adjusted.

anti-slip coating and shock damper
Polished Silicone Design

With anti-slip coating and shock damper design, stops your phone rotating on the handlebar and protects it while riding on the bumpy road.

Bike Tie 4 Setting Step
|Bike Tie 4|Setting Steps

Step 1. Fix your phone to the strap.
Step 2 Attach Bike Tie 4 on the handlebar, adjust and fasten to fix it.

Bike Tie 4 Detail

|Bike Tie 4|Detail

4th generation strap structure fits your phone tightly through the enhancement of stability. This new higher mount position fits the handlebar far more than previous models.

 Bone universal bike phone mount suitable for handlebar and stem mount
Bone Bike Phone mount eco-friendly and washable
Eco-friendly & Washable

The environmental protection silicone material is dirt-resistant , and can be washed directly.

Bike Tie 4  Black / Red / Luminous Green
|Bike Tie 4|

Black / Red / Luminous Green

Challenge Yourself and Ride to the Fore !

Be curious about innovative things, willing to take challenge. Experience the purpose of life. Challenge yourself and ride to the fore !《Bike Tie 4》Designed by the cyclist user experience, better than itself.

Product Specification
  • Basic Information
    Net Weight
    60 g
    W75 x H140 x D40 mm
    Package Size
    W90 x H185 x D30 mm
    Package Content
    Bike Tie 4
    Gross Weight
    80 g
  • Warranty Service
    New Product Defect Refund
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