Bike Tie Pro 2 -Black
。Designed to mount your smartphone on bicycle stem in Portrait mode.
。Patented quick release mounting strap fits various types of bike handlebars.
。No tools required, easy to install and remove in seconds.
。Soft touch silicone material absorbs bumps.
。Weighing only 1.6 ounces.

Product Features

The new Bike Tie Pro 2 is the 2nd generation and the best bike stem phone mount in 2018.

Fits various handlebars, baby strollers and trolleys.

Aerodynamic Design

A low profile design is essential for professional cyclists. Doesn't matter how fast you ride, it will stay securely on the stem.

Compatible Phone Size

4 - 6.5 Inches

Quick Release Strap

No tools required, easy to install and remove in seconds.

Face ID / Touch ID Supported

Compatible with Face ID and Fingerprint sensors.


Soft Silicone Material

Never scratch or damage your expensive devices.

Product Specification

  • Basic Information

    • Net Weight45 g
    • DimensionsW65 x H133 x D40 mm
    • MaterialSilicone
    • Package ContentBike Tie Pro 2 -Black
  • Warranty Service

    • WarrantyNew Product Defect Refund

Customer Reviews

4.2out of 5

35 Review(s)

mount strap too big

aspen ten

the pics show mounting strap wrapping around a common bike stem which i have. even using the tightest hole the bracket still moves around. it doesn't slide too far as the phone will touch the handle bar, so it it still visible just not totally secure. i will probably add so some tape to the stem to make it fatter and hold tighter. still i can't imagine any stem being so fat that it fits the range of this strap.

also, use on a i5 phone is minimal with no tension on the corner loops. riding on paved roads has been ok, but not confident it will hold off the road.

nice construction and design, just 1 size fits all is questionable.

Concept is good

Cici Ciconia

Concept is good, but it doesn't work well as implemented. The strap is very short and barely stretched to wrap around my standard road bike stem. Even though the strap is tight the material is slippery and the phone rotates to the left and right of the stem as a result of normal road vibration. All in all it is usable, but not yet perfected.

Easy to use

V. Beaton

Worked well. Stayed on the mount well and was easy to use.

Don’t think it will last

mark covey

This product will Hold a phone but I don’t think I’ll be able to trust it long term. It’s very flimsy and I’m sure it will break before too much longer. If you’re looking for a phone holder for a large goose neck I would take care ordering this one.

Easiest and best quality.

Happy Amazon Buyer!

I have used several different cell phone holders on my bicycles but this one is the best if you wan to mount on the stem post. Super easy to load and unload phone and holds steady while riding. So easy to move from bike to bike. Great product!!!!

Great Stem Mount

Christopher Williams

On my other bike, I had their bar mount, and loved it. I got this stem mount for my new bike, and have ridden about 100mi with it. It's great. Fits well, works great with my iPhone X. It's easy enough to get the phone in and out, just takes a little practice.

The phone does move around a little on the bumps, but the mount seems quite secure. I love the new corners design, and being able to swipe up. This is a great bargain, works with any case, and seems like a far better solution than the "twist lock but you must use our case" option.

Customer Comments

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