Bike Portable Tool Kit

-【14-in-1 Bike Repair Kit】: The Complete Solution for Cyclists.Bone Repair Capsule combines puncture repair, adjustment, and maintenance tools, making it ideal for mountain bike enthusiasts and road cycling enthusiasts.
-【Small Size, Big Performance】: With its small diameter of 2*5inch, this lightweight kit is easy to carry in your bag or attach anywhere on your bike. Experience the freedom of worry-free cycling with this portable and essential repair kit.
-【Quick-Release Function】:The unique design can conveniently attach to tubes from various diameters (22mm to 50mm) for secure and hassle-free repairs during your journey.
-【Splash Proof Design】: Don't let unexpected weather conditions ruin your biking experience; this kit is designed to withstand the elements while providing long-lasting performance, ensuring that the internal tools stay rust-free and protected.
-【Environmental Friendly Meterials】: Upgrade your bike repair experience with our eco-friendly silicone Bike Repair Kit. Designed to reduce vibrations and noise while being gentle on bike frames, these durable and washable tools ensure a long-lasting and bike-friendly repair experience.
Bike Portable Tool Kit
Bike Portable Tool Kit
Bike Portable Tool Kit
Bike Portable Tool Kit
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