Bone Charm - Patti Duck

● Unique Bone Charm with interchangeable feature
● Compatible with Bone items
● Choose your favorite character to create your own style
● Easy to install and detach
$7.99 $9.99
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Product Features

Original Bone Character Charm

Let the creative and lovely Bone characters lighten up your life

Designed for assembly

*Interchangeable Bone Charm (Compatible with Bone items)

Choose & Match Whatever You Like

Bone Charm can be installed on many Bone products

Switch mood by Bone Charm with ease

Step 1. Fold two sides of back

Step 2. Pull it into the hole

Step 3. Pull it complete

Product Specification

  • Basic Information

    • Net Weight 3 g
    • DimensionsW33x H34 x D11mm
    • MaterialSilicone
    • Package ContentBone Charm-Duck
  • Warranty Service

    • WarrantyNew Product Defect Refund

Customer Reviews

3out of 5
2 Review(s)
Liked it

It fit good


Cute, but it fell off the case when I pulled my phone out of my pocket.
It was nice for a few weeks or so but it is not secure.

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