Charging Cable: iDualink - Maru Penguin

。2-in-1 charging cable with Apple Lightning and Micro USB connectors.
。Smart cap design to protect the charging adapters.
。Support device charging and data transfer compatible with iOS/Android.
。Strong braid shielded cable with long durability.
。Supports 2.4A fast charging.
。Apple MFi Certified.
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Lightning /2-in-1 Charging Cable

Bone iDualink equips with Apple Lightning and Micro USB adapters to an easy and travel ready charging experience

2.4A Fast Charging

Bone iDualink cable supports 2.4A quick charging for most of Apple Lightning/ Micro USB smartphones, tablets and other devices

Smart Cap Design

Creative and convenient adapter switching between Micro USB and Lightning connector


Moderate cable length to store and use

Cord Pocket Plus

The character badges on the cord organizer can be switched according to your personal preference and style

Elastic Claw and Pocket

Silicone Cord Organizer has elastic claw and pocket to store and protect the cable for damage or tangling

Braid Shielded Cable

The braid shield cable offers a stable and speedy charging and data transfer for all compatible devices

APPLE MFi Certified

Elegant Colors

Black and white cord

iOS / Android

Charging & data transfer compatible with iOS/Android devices

Product Specifications

Product Specification
  • Basic Information
    Net Weight
    53 g
    iDualink:W16 x H1000 x D8 mm / Cord Pocket Plus:W55 x H82 x D20 mm
    Package Size
    W80 x H176 x D29 mm
    Gross Weight
    90 g
    Package Content
  • Tech Specs
    USB 2.0
    Lightning, USB Micro-B
  • Warranty Service
    One Year Limited Warranty
Customer Reviews
4.5out of 5
2 Review(s)

It’s not as durable as other cable i have had.

Sturdy and cute

This is a very sturdy cord and the little holder is a good way to keep it tidy and tucked away. I travel a lot and I hate having a mess of cords for all my electronics..this is a good way to pack and the color and cuteness makes me smile. I had no problem with the charged well and again is very sturdy unlike the flimsy cords that you know will eventually fray.

Customer Comments
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