Dual Cord Tie - Silicone Cable Straps

- Cable Management & Adapter Organizer : The dual cord ties not only keep earphones, charging cable and hair dryer cable tidy, but also can storage laptop AC charger, phone power adapter, mouse, Power Bank, and clothes, etc.
-Reusable & Durable: Dual Cord Tie made from premium silicone material. Reusable, washable, and durable.
-Unique Dual Tie Design: These cable ties are original designed that you can fix your cables to the straps quickly and easily in different condition, such as travel, home, office, kitchen, garden, etc. (Please check the video.)
《Dual Cord Tie 》

《 Dual Cord Tie 》- Perfect Organize Partner

 Dual Cord Tie 双環綁
Dual Cord Tie 双環綁超彈力束繩,收納各式線材

Super Elastic Strap

The elastic silicone design helps you tie any brand of adapter and wired mouse. Bone Dual Cord Tie is your best Organizer choice :)

Dual Cord Tie 双環綁兩段式收納設計

Two-Stage Storage Design

The first strap fixes the excessively long part of the wire first, and the second strap stores the frequently used part of the wire.

Dual Cord Tie 双環綁兩段式收納步驟
Simple Two Steps

Step 1. fixes the long part of the wire.
Step 2. The second loop-wind the reserved wire around the transformer.
Step 3. Finished!

Dual Cord Tie 双環綁攜帶線材超便利
Convenient to carry wires

《Dual Cord Tie 》can also tie the charging cable to the power bank, convenient to carry and never be afraid to lose it again

產品比較《Dual Cord Tie 双環綁》
《Dual Cord Tie》Product Comparison
Dual Cord Tie 双環綁點綴生活的收納小幫手
Multi-Usage Organizer

Tie anything you want!
- Earphones, charging cable, hairdryer cable.
- Laptop AC charger, phone power adapter.
- Mouse.
- Power bank
- Clothes

Dual Cord Tie Eco-friendly & Washable
Eco-friendly & Washable

The environmentally friendly silicone material is resistant to dirt, and can be washed directly with water and stain resistant.

 Dual Cord Tie 双環綁-設計歷程
Design Evolution
1.《Doll character》flat design + interchangeable small buckle, mainly for storing small wires.
2. 《Qcord Ties- SML》with 3 different size straps.
3. 《Style Qcord Ties 》 with three-dimensional character and rope, perfect for storage small cables.
4. 《Dual Cord Tie 》Two-section storage design, can store all kinds of charging cables.

 Dual Cord Tie 双環綁-簡約款
Dual Cord Tie -Simplicity

3 Pack -White/ Red/ Black

 Dual Cord Tie
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Established in 2005, Bone’s vision is to bring everyone a unique and wonderful life experience in the digital world, with our innovative product design and cute original characters. We dedicate in the field of innovative industrial design, inspired from the little things in everyday life, and aim to create unique and functional designs to solve the inconvenience.

Bone 每項產品的矽膠材質均經過 SGS 檢驗
Quality Certified by SGS

All Bone's silicone products are certified by SGS and comply with European RoHS standard.

Product Specification
  • Basic Information
    Net Weight
    3 g
    W66 x H49 x D5mm
  • Warranty Service
    New Product Defect Refund
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