Horn Stand 7 - Black

Amplify sound up to 13 dB without electricity. (approximately 17% louder)

● Versatile phone amplifier: phone stand and sound amplifier
● Holds iPhone vertically and horizontally
● Supports Touch ID function
● Precise design for charging
● Washable, scratch-proof and dirt-resistant
● Compatible with the iPhone 7/ 6S/ 6

Product Features

Efficient and High-Quality Sound

Amplify sound up to 13 dB without electricity


Bone phone amplifier can stand vertically and horizontally

Excellent User Experience

85º angle in portrait, and 70º angle in landscape, both ways offer a highly comfortable user experience

Compact Design

The design of Bone phone amplifier is simple and portable

Earphones Plug

iPhone 6/6S: turn the phone to other side

     iPhone 7 user: using Lightning connector directly

Compatible with iPhone 7, 6S, and 6 (4.7”)

Product Specification

  • Basic Information

    • Net Weight46 g
    • DimensionsW114 x H45 x D40 mm
    • MaterialSilicone
    • Package ContentHorn Stand 7 - Black (Horn Amplifier)
    • Gross Weight58 g
    • Package SizeW55 x H120x D48 mm
  • Tech Specs

    • AmplifiesAmplify sound up to 13 dB without electricity. (approximately 17% louder)
    • Compatible DevicesiPhone 8
      iPhone 7
      iPhone 6S
      iPhone 6
    • Patent NumberM395726, ZL201020287363.5

Customer Reviews

4.3out of 5

32 Review(s)

This doesn't fit an iPhone 6s with any case


This only fits an iphone 6s if you have NO case on it. Who carries a phone without a case anymore? Anyway, I couldn't get the phone into the stand without wrestling the case off/on, and it just wasn't worth it. I'm sure it's a good product that projects sound (I used to have a similar one for my iphone4 years ago), but I can't mess that much with getting the case off and back on.

Great for my grandmother with bad hearing!


I bought this for my grandmother who has a hard time hearing her phone when we call and speak to her since her hearing has gotten worse over time. She can place it on her phone in 1-2 tries (she also has weak fingers/hand) which is great (it is very easy to put on) and this makes it SO loud (to me). She can hear this over her tv and says she can hear the phone so much better when we talk to her on it! I think it’s great for people who have a harder time hearing as well as if you’re in places that are louder and have a hard time hearing your phone.

Low tech is right up my alley


I love this! Low tech is right up my alley. Works amazingly well.

Worth the buy

Elizabeth Gunther

I’m mad that this works WAY better than I thought it would! I use it all the time and it’s dare I say TOO LOUD at times. I don’t usually have the volume all the way up when I use it. I have an iPhone 8 and it fits the phone well (without a case). It also doubles as a stand. I had it for a month before I realized that! It’s portable (no cords, wires or dealing with chargers). I keep it in my purse have used it camping, at the beach, around the house, at work, during school. It’s pretty useful!
If your phone is bigger than the iPhone 8 I don’t think it will fit your phone. Overall good purchase for the price. It was a good solution to my problem. I bought a second one just to have a spare.

Waste of money

Kindle Customer

Doesn’t work
Doesn’t stay on phone

Love it!

D. L. I.

Awesome little product!

Customer Comments