Cup Holder: Cup Tie - Maru Penguin

● Elastic cup carrier; easy to stow anywhere
● Ideal cup holders for cold and hot beverage container
● Designed to hold 7-10 cm diameter cups with a circular rim around the top
● Integrated straw holder
● Made from environmentally-friendly silicon material, reusable and washable

Product Features

Cup Tie環保杯綁,新樣式環保飲料提袋

The Best Cup Carrier

Bone cup tie is created to be the best cup holder for travelers, commuter and coffee lovers, and to encourage a more convenient and eco-friendly lifestyle.


Soft-touch Elastic Silicone Material

Bone Cup Tie is water and dirt-resistant, washable and comfortable to touch.

環保杯綁,飲料提袋適用杯口直徑 7 - 10cm

Hold Cups With the Circular Rim Around the Top

Designed to hold 2.7-4 inches (7-10 cm) diameter cups with circular rim around the top (Not suitable for parallel-sided bottles or cans)


Simple Design

Minimalist style and color.


Thoughtful Details


Unique Bone Characters

Different Bone original characters for you to choose to create your own cup holder.


Classic Choices

The classic black and white color are the ideal choices for minimalistic lovers.


Integrated straw holder

The stretchable straw holder can contain straws in various sizes


Compact and Travel-Ready

Compact pocket size, flexible and easy to stow in the handbag


Convenient and Reusable

The most convenient way to carry your beverage; a plastic-free life.
Cup Tie裝杯使用方法

How to use

飲料提袋Cup Tie可任意彎折收納

Simple to Carry and Store

The cup tie is flat and flexible to fit in pockets or bags in different sizes.

飲料提袋Cup Tie輕鬆水洗不怕髒汙


Bone cup tie is made from soft-touch premium silicone material; completely reusable and eco-friendly

Cup Tie 環保杯綁-款企鵝小丸/派提鴨/麋鹿先生/喵喵貓

Cup Tie Series

Maru Penguin/Patti Duck/Mr.Deer/Miao Cat

Cup Tie 環保杯綁-簡約黑白款

Cup Tie Series


Product Specification

  • Basic Information

    • Net Weight25 g
    • DimensionsW120 x H180 x D15 mm
    • MaterialSilicone
    • Package ContentCup Tie - Maru Penguin
  • Warranty Service

    • WarrantyNew Product Defect Refund

Customer Reviews

4.8out of 5

27 Review(s)

it works

Marcy N.

I bought this to carry my coffee into the building in the morning. It works for that. I feel like it is too big for my coffee cup though and it's going to pop the lid off the top. It hasn't yet, But I'm waiting for it.

Meh. Doesn't work as well as my hack.


Thought this would be a better solution than my hack of ten years plus, which is to take a long silicone band and make a sling around the cup by twisting once, sliding cup in next to the twist, twist again next to cup, and slide it up. Put another short silicone band just over the twists if needed to secure. Gave this 3 stars for construction and straw holder. Otherwise, not all that adjustable. OK in a pinch, may put in travel bag in case I forget my usual assortment of silicone bands.

This works!

Linda Rock

I had a student give me a thermos cup from my favorite basketball team. I couldn't carry it with all my school stuff I have to carry in to the classroom. This made it possible to use this glass and carry it on my arm without using my hands.

Works great with Keep Cups

Donya Quick

I use this cup tote with several different containers: 12oz and 16oz keep cups as well as some other 16oz coffee thermoses of similar shape. On both sizes of keep cup, the strap fits snugly right between the rubber grip and the lid and doesn't interfere with the lid's ability to snap down tightly. I take my various cups with this strap on commutes that involve a mix of walking and sitting/standing on trains and the NYC subways. It's great to be able to just slip the strap over my wrist when I briefly need two hands but can't set the cup down.

A different kinds of “hands free”

Little Birdie

Keeps hands free for opening doors while carrying packages, paying transit fares and holding umbrellas.

Value for money

Ana Karenina Cruel

Sturdy, looks well made

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