iPhone 11 Case - Phone Bubble Figure

● Original Bubble Corner Protector
● Bone Figure Finger Grip/Cord Organizer
● Double charms for more functions
● Design for iPhone 11 / 11 Pro / 11 Pro Max
● Premium silicone; washable and eco-friendly
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As low as:$24.90

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  • iPhone 11 Pro: Phone Bubble Figure - Maru Penguin (Pro), Phone Bubble Figure - Patti Duck (Pro), Phone Bubble Figure - Mr. Deer (Pro), Phone Bubble Figure - Miao Cat (Pro)
  • iPhone 11 Pro Max: Phone Bubble Figure - Maru Penguin (Pro Max), Phone Bubble Figure - Patti Duck (Pro Max)

Upgraded Bone Figure plus bubble protector, new iPhone case for iPhone 11 is born! Create, adorn and travel with cute Bone Characters with ease and delight.


Problem 1 - Protection

Bone iconic bubble buffer absorbs shock and impact.

Problem 2 - Monotony

Bone Phone Bubble Case gives you a different style everyday.


Bone Collection is always here for you!

Problem 3 - Difficult Installation

Bone Phone Bubble Figure is always quick and easy to install

Problem 4 - Eco-friendly Material

Make a difference, make eco-friendly choices

《Phone Bubble Figure》
iPhone 11 / Pro / Pro Max


Original Bubble Design

Four-corner bubble corner protectors to absorb shock and prevent direct blow to your smartphone.


3D Bone Charm Phone Grip

Magnified 3D Bone Figures - vividly designed and made with phone grip function to avoid slipping.


Cable Organizer Function

3D Bone Figure organizes cables and earphones effortlessly.


Bigger the Bone Charm, Double the Fun

Brand new Bone Charms are bigger and more eye-catching. Decorate your smartphone with your favorite Bone character!


Fine and Precise Cutout

Premiun Silicone Case for iPhone XI; slim profile with enlarged ports fit all cables.
*Compatible with iPhone 11 6.5”, 6.1” and 5.8”
1 Intuitive installation and detachment
2 Accurate ports cutout
3 Good cable managment by Bone Figure
4 iPhone camera bezel


Camera Bezel

0.1 cm camera bezel screen protection to avoid direct damage or scratch to the camera lens.


Bone Phone Accessory - Bone Figures

3D Bone Figures decorate your iPhone with cuteness and creativity. All Bone Figures have 3.8 cm hole space to fit all Phone Bubble Case for iPhone 11 series.


Soft and High-Quality Silicone

Bone only uses top silicone to make Bone Phone Bubble; excellent phone protection with washable and dirt-resistant feature.

Phone Bubble Figure Installation

Phone Bubble Figure 公仔泡泡保護套-Bone角色<br/>11  / 11 Pro / 11 Pro Max

Phone Bubble Figure

11 / 11 Pro / 11 Pro Max

Maru Penguin
Patti Duck
Mr. Deer
Miao Cat

Certified by SGS

Bone only uses silicone that certified by SGS and comply with European RoHs standard

Product Specification
  • Basic Information
    PH19081 / PH19082 / PH19083
    Net Weight
    [ iPhone 11 Pro ]
    Maru Penguin - 50 g/ Miao Cat - 48 g/ Patti Duck - 46 g/ Mr.Deer - 51 g

    [ iPhone 11 Pro Max ]
    Maru Penguin - 56 g/ Miao Cat - 54 g/ Patti Duck - 52 g/ Mr.Deer - 57 g

    [ iPhone 11 ]
    Maru Penguin - 55 g/ Miao Cat - 53 g/ Patti Duck - 51 g/ Mr. Deer - 56 g
    [ iPhone 11 Pro ] W82 x H155 x D20 mm

    [ iPhone 11 Pro Max ] W87 x H162 x D20 mm

    [ iPhone 11 ] W89 x H169 x D20 mm
    Package Content
    iPhone 11 Case - Phone Bubble Case
    Package Size
    W92 x H225 x D20 mm
    Gross Weight
    96 g
  • Tech Specs
    Form Factors
    Snap On
  • Warranty Service
    New Product Defect Refund
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