Bike Tie Pro-Pack: 2 in 1 Bike Phone Mount Phone/Charger Holder

Empower Your Cycling Journey!
● Versatile bike mounting solution for smartphone and power bank
● Universal design for various sizes of bike stems and portable devices
● Shock absorbing material protects your devices against bumps and damages
● Elastic, dirt resistant and fully washable silicone material

* Compatibility
Smartphone: 4" to 6.7" screen size
Power Bank: Width + Height ≦ 88mm
Handlebar/Stem: Diameters 25-50mm / Circumference 78-157mm
Bike Tie Pro-Pack: 2 in 1 Bike Phone Mount Phone/Charger Holder×
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Can’t find a suitable phone holder and worried about your phone running out of power when riding your bike?

Problem 1 - Hard to install and remove

Excessive parts and cumbersome installation is time-consuming and hard work; parts loosen easily due to long-term use.

Problem 2 - No power

How much power do you need? Every time you use the GPS, record routes, and listen to music, you worry your phone might run out of power!


Problem 3 - Scratches your phone

Plastic and metal materials can easily scratch your phone and your bike frame.

Problem 4 - No storage space

You want to charge your phone while riding but have nowhere to put your charger?

為了有更好的騎乘體驗,單車手機雙用綁Pro (Bike Tie Pro –Pack) 誕生了!

Bike Tie Pro Pack was born to improve a better cycling experience.

Create a flexible combination with your bike, mobile phone, and portable charger. Can accommodate and be installed on bicycle handlebars of different diameters.


Power Bank Supported

There’s no need to worry about running out of power anymore; simply choose the power supply you need and get on the road. A patented, flexible space that lets riders attach a portable charger within the lower strap.

● Portable charger width + thickness ≦ 88mm (length is not restricted).)

● Supports wireless charging devices.

單車手機雙用綁通用4 吋 - 6.5 吋各廠牌手機,可不需拆手機殼

Universal Phone Strap Holder

Elastic and durable silicone strap fits most 4" to 6.7” smartphones and protective cases securely.

單車手機雙用綁使用歐盟 RoHs 無毒環保矽膠材質

Elastic Silicone Material

Made from environmentally-friendly material, highly stretchy and durable.


Aerodynamic Design

A low profile design is essential for professional cyclists. Doesn’t matter how fast you go, it will stay securely on the stem.


Adjustable mounting strap fits various handlebars and stems.


Soft Touch and Anti-Scratch

Shock absorbing material protects your devices against bumps and scratches.

單車手機雙用綁適用 25mm ~ 50mm直徑的各式龍頭/把手/橫桿

Universal Bike Mount

Compatible with most bicycle handlebars and stems with diameters 25-50mm or circumference 78-157mm.


Versatile Mounting Solutions

Works on various bicycles, baby strollers, shopping trolleys and more.


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Product Details

1. Universal elastic straps for easy mounting of smartphone and power bank.

2. Textured to protect devices from collisions and scratches.

3. Elevated mount - suitable for a variety of stems, separating the silicone padding for even greater protection.


Full Screen Access

Easy access to all buttons and ports. Support Face ID & Touch ID.


Mutiple Mounting Solutions

Versatile bike mounting solution for smartphone and power bank.


Desktop Phone Stand

Double as a phone stand when detached from the bike.


All-In-One Design

Integrated with elastic stretching for a flexible combination of portable chargers and smart phones.


Premium Silicone Material

Elastic, dirt resistant and fully washable.


Easy Tool-Free Installation


Design Concept

In early 2015, we launched a bicycle accessory equipped with a portable power bank so that riders won’t have to worry about running out of power when riding a bicycle. Since then, we introduced battery products of different capacities one after another. In 2018, we observed that most consumers already have power banks and don’t require a separate one for riding since it's a bit wasteful. Thus, from the bike tie concept, we came up with a design that can hold power banks of different sizes (Step 1) and added blocking structure above and below the power bank layer to prevent contact with the stem (Step 2). After testing, we changed the original blocking structure into blocking pads to avoid collision with the power bank, making it easier to install (Step 3). In order to accommodate different stem sizes, we raised the base, lengthened the stem strap, and increased the area of the blocking pads (Step 4); last, to improve the swaying problem, we changed the base into an elliptical shape, lowered its height, and strengthened the strength of the tie hook (Final).


Stylish in Black and Red

Choose the best color that matches with your devices


About Us

Established in 2005, Bone’s vision is to bring everyone a unique and wonderful life experience in the digital world, with our innovative product design and cute original characters. We dedicate in the field of innovative industrial design, inspired from the little things in everyday life, and aim to create unique and functional designs to solve the inconvenience.

Bone 每項產品的矽膠材質均經過 SGS 檢驗

Quality Certified by SGS

All Bone's silicone products are cerified by SGS and comply with European RoHS standard.

Product Specification
  • Basic Information
    Net Weight
    Package Size
    W90 x H185 x D30 mm
    Package Content
    Bike Tie Pro-Pack
    Gross Weight
  • Warranty Service
    New Product Defect Refund
Customer Reviews
4.7out of 5
14 Review(s)
Working well so far

2 months in, no problems. Samsung S9+ with a fat wallet case and a battery pack fits just fine.

Works for an "occasional cyclist!"
Jessica Sarnese

I bought this for a 50 mile race, and it was exactly what I was looking for. Stacked my extra battery and phone right in front of me on my handle bars and held them tight throughout the race! It offers no water protection, but that wasn't a part of my search criteria when buying this. I'll update later with durability, but it seems to be sturdy upon initial use. Would recommend if you are looking to mount both phone and extra battery power.

Best way to carry a battery & phone on your stem
Eric Jones

I bought the suggested Anker Slim battery for it and it works perfectly. Makes for a compact setup. This is a stem mount not a handlebar mount pay attention to the orientation of the strap.

Better than expected, everything I needed !

Gtrat quality and fits as snug as expected on my bike. Also had a tumble on the bike and the phone and charging bank stayed put. Would definitely buy this again.

Well made

This is a good phone holder. The phone is very secure. I mostly do flat serface biking and it holds just fine. I took it on a bit of a rougher/bumpy trail just to test it and the hilder twisted a bit on the handle bars, but the phone stayed in secure with no problems. I recommend it.

Works well.

Works fine on my indoor trainer bike.

Customer Comments