Bike Tie Pro 2 -Red
。Designed to mount your smartphone on bicycle stem in Portrait mode.
。Patented quick release mounting strap fits various types of bike handlebars.
。No tools required, easy to install and remove in seconds.
。Soft touch silicone material absorbs bumps.
。Weighing only 1.6 ounces.

Product Features

The new Bike Tie Pro 2 is the 2nd generation and the best bike stem phone mount in 2018.

Fits various handlebars, baby strollers and trolleys.

Aerodynamic Design

A low profile design is essential for professional cyclists. Doesn't matter how fast you ride, it will stay securely on the stem.

Compatible Phone Size

4 - 6.5 Inches

Quick Release Strap

No tools required, easy to install and remove in seconds.

Face ID / Touch ID Supported

Compatible with Face ID and Fingerprint sensors.


Soft Silicone Material

Never scratch or damage your expensive devices.

Product Specification

  • Basic Information

    • Net Weight45 g
    • DimensionsW65 x H133 x D40 mm
    • MaterialSilicone
    • Package ContentBike Tie Pro 2 -Red
  • Warranty Service

    • WarrantyNew Product Defect Refund

Customer Reviews

3.2out of 5

17 Review(s)

Works for now


Obviously incredibly quick and easy to install. I am, however, very worried about durability. I basically hold my breath on each ride and try to stabilize the phone with my hand over every bump.

The material is very thick, as it needs to be for something like this, but it seems like it's lacking in elasticity. I can already see the exact points at which the material will give way when it inevitably does. Those are the parts that turn white like a stale rubber band even upon the first use. I think the sellers claims about what size phones it can accommodate are exaggerated. My phone isn't that big, it's on the lower end of the range of what this mount should fit, and I still feel uneasy about how much this thing has to stretch. I can't imagine putting an even slightly larger phone in it.

However, I gave this mount 4 stars because it works for now. It hasn't broken yet and all the other mounts I've used, including ones I'd buy again, have broken at some point. Good stem mounts are hard to find.

Super fast delivery! This is definitely a quality item, for a BARGAIN PRICE!

The Chef

Super fast delivery! This is definitely a quality item, for a BARGAIN PRICE!

Not intended for the x iPhone and newer

Devon Houston

Horrible product, darn thing snapped/ripped apart while installing the phone.

broke after 5 rides.


The back of the holder tore after only 5 rides. I did like to product, it did a very good job of holding the phone. I have a samsung galaxy s5 active phone. If you have a short stem i think it adds to much stress to the product.



Very nice product

Corner strap broke on first use


I really wanted to like this product. The first time I used it the strap broke on the corner that holds the phone. I do not have a large phone, it is an iPhone 7 with a case but not a real think case, not like an otter box type case. I returned it. I may try another one because I need a product like this for my bicycle.

Customer Comments

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